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World-famous pasta, art, and history

For lovers of exquisite meals, renowned art, luxury shopping, or ancient history, Italy delivers on its famous reputation. Pack your days with tours and sights, or slow down with a glass of wine or a trip to the coast. With a top-notch rail system, squeeze both into the same trip. Each Italian city boasts delicious food, creamy gelato, and plenty to explore. Discover historic masterpieces and astounding cathedrals in big cities and smaller towns alike.

Don’t let the diversity of activities and terrain in Italy intimidate you. When planning your trip, first choose the cities and regions to visit, then hone in on local history, art, and flavors to make the most of your trip.

Destination Italy

Unique Experiences in Italy

Take a moment to get inspired by the best things to eat, see, and do when visiting Italy, along with a few hints on how to get around.

Indulge in fresh pasta and local wine
What to Eat

Celebrated as a premier food destination, find delicious bites in Michelin-star restaurants and family-owned local spots. Accompanied by a glass of Chianti, savor fresh pasta, exquisite lasagna, and warm bread. While visiting the home of pizza, indulge in varieties dotted with herbs and gooey mozzarella. After dinner, or in the middle of the day, treat yourself to a scoop of gelato to celebrate la dolce vita.

The Vatican City
What to See

When each Italian city hosts world-class wonders, it’s no challenge to fill each day. Visit works by Renaissance masters in churches and museums in Florence. Walk in the steps of gladiators and statesmen at the ruins of Rome. See the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, or enjoy opera in Milan. The Vatican City is home to storied history and famous artworks, while the coastal cities boast fruit trees, serene beaches, and sparkling views.

Gondola in Venice
What to Do

Each region and city offers variety and scenery to your Italian adventure. Travel to Tuscany to taste the famous wines and try a cooking class. Shop major luxury brands and artisanal goods in Rome and Milan. See Italy by boat, either in a gondola in Venice or a speedboat in Sicily. Hike the mountains in the north for stunning views of Lake Como. Visit Pompeii to see the excavation in progress. Unwind on the beaches or with a quiet view of the rolling hills.

Smaller cities offer bus routes to minimize traffic and easily connect to major destinations and neighborhoods.
How to Get Around

Deciding on a single destination in Italy is practically impossible; luckily, you can take a train between most of the major cities and towns. Take the metro when visiting Rome and Milan. Florence, Naples, Bologna, and other smaller cities offer bus routes to minimize traffic and easily connect major destinations and neighborhoods. Ferries and boat rides are popular along the coasts for transportation and entertainment.

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